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    Education is the most powerful weapon
    which you can use to change the world.
    Nelson Mandela 

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my web page. My name is Damian Droessler and I am entering my fourth year as Vice-Principal at Hellgate Middle School. It is with great enthusiasm, that I have the opportunity to work with the students, staff, and Hellgate Community members. I will work hard to build strong relationships with all stakeholders in an effort to create the best learning environment for the students here at Hellgate Middle School.

    One of my primary responsibilities is student safety. This includes a student's emotional and physical well being. Our main objective is to be proactive. Please. if your son or daughter is expressing any concerns that can adversely affect their educational experience have them inform an adult at school or contact myself. We are unable to assist when we don't know there is something affecting the student.
    Secondly, I also handle student disciplinary matters that arise. Please become familiar with the student handbook and expectations HMS has for your son or daughter. Most situations can be managed before they become infractions. My primary goal is behavior modification when determining if, and when consequences are imposed. Again, positive communication with the staff and being proactive will assist in the growth and educational experience of every child. 
    In addition to safety and discipline, I also serve as the Activities Director for Hellgate Elementary. If you have questions concerning student extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities, please feel free to contact me at any time.  
    As we begin the 2018-2019 school year, I want to encourage students and parents to be involved with the following:

    Study Hall Opportunities- All Middle School students have access to early morning (7:45am-8:05am), late morning (8:05am-8:25am), and morning break (10:18-10:36) study halls. These study halls are managed by middle school teachers and help is provided. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

    Behavior Concerns- Please report any behavior concerns regarding your child to a teacher or an administrator, we can only assist in behavior issues that we are aware of. The best way to resolve behavior concerns is through effective communication!

    Extra-Curricular Opportunities- I encourage all students to be involved in co-curricular and extra-curriculars. HMS prides itself on providing several academic clubs and athletic opportunities. Please review eligibility guidelines for extra-curricular activities. 

    Kind Regards,
    Damian S. Droessler M.Ed.
    406.721.2452 ext. 3641 


Last Modified on March 19, 2019