• Bike Education for students in grades 4-6 is focused on introducing a series of skills that will prepare students to ride safely and confidently on pathways and low traffic roads in quiet neighborhoods.  Some of these skills include: bike fit, ABC quick check, helmet fit, use of power pedal, foot-down stops, and signaling.  For students who are new riders or still learning to ride, non-pedaling and balance activities will be incorporated.
    Our school has a fleet of bikes and a large number of helmets for students to use.  Students are encouraged to bring their own helmet it they have one that fits properly and may also utilize their own bike if they happen to ride it to school during our bike education unit.  
    As an extension of Bike Education in PE, students in 6th grade have the opportunity to participate in Bike Tribe.  This group is comprised of students and teachers who enjoy riding  their bikes recreationally.  We will take "treks" around town, through quiet neighborhoods and utilize the Missoula city trail system.  The trip to the Big Dipper is always a favorite.  Students may use their own bike or boroow one from our school fleet.  Parents and encouraged and welcome to join us.  Permission slips will be sent out prior to each scheduled ride.
    LAB Laws
    1. Always wear a helmet.
    2. Be visible. 
    3. Be Predictable
    4. Follow the rules of the road.
    5. Anticipate Conflict.