• Supply List

    Mrs. deArrieta-2nd Grade


    We Will Not Be Sharing Any Supplies This Year

     3 masks (please practice wearing correctly)

    2 Packages Of Glue Sticks (6)

    1 Pair Scissors

    1 Box Of Crayons

    1 Box of Markers

    1 Set Of Watercolors

    1 Box Of Pencils

     2 Large Pink Erasers or Several Pencil Top Erasers

    2 Pocket Folders (Plastic Is Best)

    2 School Boxes For Desk Supplies

    2 Wide Ruled Spiral Notebooks

    1 pair of Ear Buds or Earphones (Dollar Store)

    1 Box of Kleenex

    1 Backpack With Name

    1 Water Bottle With Name

    1 Pair Of Gym Shoes (not necessary until winter)


    Interested in Donating Other Items?  We Could Always Use: 

    Disinfecting Wipes

    Gallon Ziploc/Plastic Collection Bags

    Personal Hand Sanitizer For Desk


    Thank you!


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