•       We take great pride in our school and we believe students in grades 4-6 should make the best possible use of their educational abilities while in attendance. Our vision is to build student confidence by identifying and developing each student’s personal potential. Our Mission is to provide an educational learning environment that supports and sustains academic achievement, academic excellence, and life-long learning for all students. This learning environment is child- centered in its focus and is supported by a caring and involved community.

          As part of our mission at Hellgate Intermediate School, students are expected to:
    • Be active participants in the learning process
    • Conduct themselves in a manner that allows teachers to teach and students to learn
    • Work together cooperatively, both academically and socially
    • Become independent and divergent thinkers/problem solvers
    • Develop decision-making skills that are positive and productive
    • Establish positive goals for the future

          Please take time to read through this handbook and be sure and ask questions if you don’t understand any part of it. This is your book; it has space for recording your assignments and scheduling your weeks and months. It should help you get organized and save you time.

          Hellgate Intermediate School Staff