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    Your child will be handed a grade sheet/syllabus at the start of each section. This grade sheet informs the student/parent of all work that needs to be completed and its point value. Points are awarded for items completed correctly. Items not completed correctly are allowed to be corrected for full credit. Your son/daughter should be aware of their grade at all times. Each student is graded independently. Upon completion of each section, grades will be recorded in their agendas. I would encourage you to keep track of your childs progress via the agenda and grade sheets.


    Each Monday the weekly schedule will also be entered in their agendas. This will include the goals for the weeks as well as your childs progress for each day. Please help to make sure your child is recording these goals and progress.


    Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have questions about the tech lab.


    Grading Scale

    90 100% A

    80 89% B

    70 79% C

    60 69% D

    Below 60% F

    * Standard Hellgate Middle School Grading Scale