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    Seventh Grade

    Understanding Space Travel
    This Discovery Channel video describes in detail how gravity and Newton's laws work in conjunction with space travel. The movie provides details about future and past space missions with interviews from astronauts and other celebrities.

    October Sky
    This excellent true story, based on Homer Hickams memoir Rocket Boys, tells of the quest of a group of boys to build rockets. Shown after the students construct their rockets, this movie wraps up the rocket unit. The book is highly recommended, and the school library contains several copies, plus additional titles written by Homer Hickam.

    Homer Hickam's Official Web Site (Rocket Boys)
    Site includes frequently asked questions and study guides

    Why The Towers Fell
    This PBS movie, originally shown in 2002, follows scientists in their search for additional answers on the science of how the World Trade Centers collapsed on September 11, 2001. "Why The Towers Fell" looks at the towers' collapse from an engineering viewpoint, just as the students look at their own towers created in the tech lab. This title is shown sometime in the timeframe of designing bridges or towers.

    "Why The Towers Fell" Companion Web Site
    Site includes stories and perspectives. Be sure to check out the resources link for additional text and 20 interesting facts about the collapse. (Site has been recently modified into "Building on Ground Zero")


    Eighth Grade

    Handy sites for research papers and other tasks.


    October Sky Movie Cover