• Classroom Management



    Mr. Parrish's classes are designed to maximize educational opportunities for all students. We strive for excellence and student success and with that in mind, there are expectations set for all students in Mr. Parrishs classes.


    Students need to follow these simple set of expectations:


    1. Please come prepared for class.
    2. Pencils and pens.
    3. Textbooks
    4. Paper
    5. Completed assignments
    6. Reading logs if required
    7. Calculator
    8. eraser (for the occasional mistake)
    9. Planner (to be filled out daily for each class)


    These expectations help your student to become successful, confident, and a life long learner. Depending on circumstances, repeat violations of these policies may result in refocus, detention, and/or a call to parents. We at Hellgate Elementary want to maximize our time with the great students of the District and to ensure the best possible education we can offer to them. Violations of the expectations utilize valuable time for not only your student, but the other students in the classes also. Please help your child by reminding them occasionally of the importance of being prepared.



    The safety of your child  is at the very top of the list for the staff and administration at Hellgate Elementary School.


    We will do everything in our power to insure your child is safe from:


    1        Weapons

    2        Alcohol

    3        Tobacco

    4        Drugs

    5        Fighting

    6        Bullying


    We expect your child to be respectful of:


    1        School property

    2        Personal property

    3        Others

    4        Themselves



    The students are  responsible for their:


    1        Language

    2        Dress

    3        Attitude

    4        Actions

          5     Accomplishing homework and meeting homework deadlines 



    We at Hellgate Elementary, expect the student to be


    1        On time for class

    2        Prepared

    3        Honest

    4        Give their best effort






    Helpful hints to help your student become prepared for school and to do as well as possible in his/her studies may be found on my Study Skills link.


    Mr. Parrish