• Student progress is indicated on a 4, 3, 2, 1 scale in Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. The S, P, N scale is used in P.E., Library, Music, and on Weekly Behavior Charts.
    4 Exceeding grade level expectations
    3 Meeting grade level expectations
    2 Progressing to grade level expectations
    1 Limited Progress
    N/A Not assessed at this time
    S Successful
    P Progressing
    N Needs Improvement
    N/A Not assessed at this time


    Parent Portal to Check Grades


    READING: Students will submit assignments, mostly through their iPads. They are expected to make corrections to achieve 100% on reading assignments. Corrections will be made in student workbooks. The first attempt will be entered into the gradebook. Corrections are made, because the same question may arise in future assignments and we are building mastery and long-term memory.

    GRAMMAR: Takes place during the ELA (English Language Arts) block. A pretest is given on Mondays. Students who score 100% on the pretest do not take part in the lessons throughout the week. They also do not take the post test which is typically given on Thursday. The 100% pretest score or the post test score is entered into the gradebook.

    SPELLING: Takes place during the Reading block.

    • Trimester 1 ~ Lists are made available at the beginning of the week and students can take the test any day throughout the week. If 100% is achieved at any time during the week, then that score is entered in the gradebook. If 100% is not achieved early in the week, then the student will take a test on Friday and receive whatever score is earned.
    • Trimesters 2 and 3 ~ Lists for the entire trimester are made available on the first day of that term. Students may practice and take tests in any order they choose. Once they achieve 100%, they show their score and it is entered into the gradebook. Students not earning 100% on any given list near the end of the quarter take a test and whatever score is earned gets entered into the gradebook.

    MATH: Students submit assignments through their iPads, however all work is done in the workbooks or math journals with the expectation students demonstrate strategies by showing their work. An 85% is expected to demonstrate mastery. If students submit and score less than 85%, they are expected to make corrections and resubmit the assignment. Once 85% is achieved, they are done with the assignment. However, with standards based grading, only the quizzes and end of unit tests will be recorded in the gradebook.

    SCIENCE & SOCIAL STUDIES: Some assignments are graded on participation only, a few others will be scored for accuracy.

    HOMEWORK: Some families provide ample support, while other students receive little or no help in homework completion. As such, I will send a reading log each Friday. However, the completion and submission of the homework is entirely OPTIONAL. Students turning in the homework will earn progress checkmarks and once they reach a predetermined goal, they will earn a reward!