Hello! Welcome to Karen Peterson’s and Hiro’s Classroom

     Hiro Taniguchi

    Email Address: akatukidaylight@yahoo.co.jp

    I am excited to have your child in our fifth grade classroom. This is my first year of teaching at Hellgate Intermediate School. I am a student of the University of Montana and a teacher candidate of Elementary Education Department. I am an international student from Japan, Osaka.

    My family consists of five members, my mom, my dad and two brothers. My best child memory is going to the mountains to find fossils. My mother teaches music so as a child I learned several instruments but I played the cello. My hobbies include playing board games, hiking and hanging out with friends.


    Through this student teaching experience, I would like to teach and guide your child for success.  In my classroom, I will be working with a delightful co-operative teacher, Mrs. Karen Peterson. In our classroom respect and encouragement are keys for students to gain confidence. With my unique culture, I would like to build a community where all can appreciate differences and embrace new and different ideas.




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