• We made it to the top in 2011!

    Mrs. Compton's First Grade 
         Welcome to first grade!  I am delighted to have your child in my classroom -- we will spend the year together exploring ideas, digging in hands-first and getting dirty, and of course playing with phonics, sounds, phonemes, and eventually reading, reading, reading!   As a community of learners, we will learn to celebrate the unique strengths in each one of our peers and enjoy the camaradarie among classmates.  We will become a first-grade family.
           Research continually shows that when parents are involved in the classroom,  students are successful --your children see that you value education.   Therefore,  I welcome parents into my classroom.  If you are unable to help on a regular basis -- field trips, home-projects, or holiday parties are a great way to get involved.  You will notice my door is always open -- so please feel free to come in at anytime.    
         At home I have a blended family -- My daughter Megan is 28, Madison is 24,  Rayce 22, -- and Rylan is 19.    We enjoy skiing together in winter and spending time at Swan Lake in the summer.  We are also a big soccer family --all four kids play.  My husband Dan owns his own business as a contractor remodeling homes.  
          I have been teaching for 24 years -- 19 in first grade, 5 in kindergarten,  and one in fifth grade.  I love teaching and first-graders are my favorite.   Oh the places we will go --and the things we will accomplish -- but most of all the joy in learning experienced along the road -- what an adventure we will have together. 
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