• Grading Policy

    Quizzes are given at the mid-point of each chapter and tests are administered at the end of each chapter. Students will have the opportunity to retake any test or quiz in which they score below 70%.  To help with parent/teacher communication I require that all quizzes and tests be reviewed and signed by a parent. I also try to update our online grading sytem (infinite campus) weekly.  You will also receive progress reports at the middle of each quarter as well as report cards at the end of each quarter. Other arrangements may be made if more frequent monitoring is desired.  Mid-term and quarter grades are determined by dividing the total points earned by the total points possible.  Each homework assignment is worth 10 points.  Quizzes and tests usually account for 70% of a student's grade.  It is worth noting that tests and quizzes are more heavily weighted so please stress the importance of learning from your mistakes on homework assignments.  Grade are assigned according to the scale below:

    90-100 is an A
    80-89 is a B
    70-79 is a C
    60-69 is a D
    0-59 is an F