• Homework

    Homework is assigned frequently in math class. Very often homework is the downfall of students. It is very important for students to maintain pace so that frustration doesn't dominate their attitude because they have fallen behind. Extra time or help is available during morning study hall, morning break study hall, or during my planning period.  I will allow extra time to complete homework assignments for a good reason. Please send a signed note with your child with an explanation. Homework assignments not completed on time can be turned in for late credit. Please check your child's planner because I often write notes to contact parents as homework problems occur.  Also, please check my website https://www.hellgate.k12.mt.us/Page/1419, Infinite Campus for grade updates, google classroom, or contact me by phone or e-mail if you have concerns.

    Homework grades are based on effort and quality. I believe that homework is an opportunity for students to learn from their mistakes. Students will not be penalized for mistakes made on their homework assignments but still are expected to place a score at the top of each paper and write out their work. In return, students must take responsibility to correct mistakes made on homework so that similar mistakes aren't made on tests and quizzes.