To celebrate the Christmas season, the entire fourth grade enjoys a holiday brunch in the gym. Each child is responsible for contributing to the festivities.  A variety of options are made available to children and their parents. The brunch is usually held the last day before winter break in the morning. As a classroom, we also celebrate Halloween and Valentine's Day.


       For birthdays, students are allowed to bring in treats to share with their classmates. Students are encouraged to bring in healthy snacks when possible. Examples of healthy snacks such as grapes or cut up apple slices and caramel are appropriate, as well as veggies and ranch dip. Cupcakes seem to be a crowd favorite; when possible the mini cupcakes are appreciated! Also keep in mind we have allgeries in our school, no nuts of any kinds are allowed in the classroom.  We also sing to our birthday students and hand out birthday pencils.

      Field Trips-

        Throughout the year a variety of field trips may be taken. Our fourth graders listen to and learn about our own local symphony.  We also partner with the Montana Natural History Center to discover the wonders of nature and how naturalists interact within it. 

     Other Events-

       We also enjoy a day outside during our annual Track and Field Day. Each child chooses the events from a list of track, field and fun events. Also included during the year are the Olweus Kick Off, to stimulate our Anti-Bullying program, a Jr. Governor's Cup, to promote healthy life style, and many more!