Homework is a constructive tool in the teaching/learning process when geared to the needs and abilities of students.  Purposeful assignments not only enhance student achievement, but also develop self-discipline and associated good working habits.  As an extension of the classroom, homework must be planned and organized, must be viewed as purposeful to the students, and should be evaluated and returned to students in a timely manner.


    Teachers may give homework to students to aid in the students educational development.  Homework should be an application or an adaptation of a classroom experience, and should not be assigned for disciplinary purposes

    School Board Policy #2430


    Homework Philosophy

    It is our belief that homework should be a time when children practice and reinforce lessons taught during the school day. Parents should understand that homework encourages independence and creativity. Parents can provide helpful home atmospheres that encourage their child to do their best. Individual fourth grade teachers have their own homework standards that you and your child should be aware of. Check with your child's teacher to ascertain these.