• Grading Policies 

    • I use this system for assignments such as homework completion, minor assignments and major projects. Although each assignment is worth a specific number of points; sometimes small, those points can add up to a large portion of student's grades.    
    • Homework and tests are graded using the number correct divided by the total number possible.  This can be translated into a percent easily. 
    • I use this method of grading to determine how students have understood what I have taught. The percentage is figured into each student's final grade and it helps me determine what I need to do to ensure I reach every student in the future.
    • I use Rubrics for many of my projects. Projects and assignments that I use rubrics for are often worth more points than other assignments. Therefore, they are worth more towards the final grade than other assignments.
    • Students will be expected to complete late or missing homework before school, during Morning Break &/or Lunch, as arranged between the student and myself, until complete.
    • Students may choose to come in to school early to complete homework for any class. My classroom is open at 7:45 for any student who needs help or wants to work on uncompleted homework.
    • See my "Homework Policies" page for more information. 

    The following are percentage guidelines that the school has set:

    100- 93 A

    92-90 A-

    89-87 B+

    86-83 B

    82-80 B-

    79-77 C+

    76-73 C

    72-70 C-

    69-67 D+

    66-63 D

    62-60 D-

    0-59 Not Passing