• Classroom Management Policies

    Hellgate Middle School and the sixth grade team support the following guidelines to ensure that every student has the opportunity to get the most out of the time at our school.




    a Learner

    I am free from:

    • Weapons
    • Alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
    • Fighting
    • Bullying

    I follow school rules.

    I am respectful of:

    • School and personal property
    • Myself
    • Others

    I am responsible for my language, dress, attitude and actions.

    I am:

    • On time
    • Prepared
    • Honest

    I give my best effort


    When students aren't safe and respectful learners, the following consequences occur:

    Warnings - students spend 10 minutes of their morning break in a silent study hall in Mr. Jacobson's room.  This is the consequence for late homework, room rule infractions and missing agenda signatures.

    Detentions - students spend the whole morning break in a silent environment.  This is the consequence for minor rule infractions.

    Green Slip (office referral) - This is the consequence for major rule infractions.  Discipline will be handled by the administration.