• In order to get everything accomplished that I would like to accomplish with my students, I expect them to follow the following basic classroom rules.

    •       Be on time.
    •       Be prepared.
    •       Paper
    •       Pencil
    •       Book
    •       Homework
    •       Be honest.
    •       Be respectful of self, teacher and others.
    •       Always give your best effort!

    At Hellgate Middle School, all students need to be safe, respectful learners.



    a Learner

    I am free from:

    • Weapons
    • Alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
    • Fighting
    • Bullying


    I follow school rules.


    I am respectful of:

    • School and personal property
    • Myself
    • Others



    I am responsible for my language, dress, attitude and actions.

    I am:

    • On time
    • Prepared
    • Honest




    I give my best effort

    When students aren't safe, repectful learners, the following consequences occur:

    Detentions - students spend their morning break in a silent study hall.

    Green Slip (office referral) - This is the consequence for major rule infractions. Discipline will be handled by the administration.