• Homework assignments will be graded and recorded based on the number of questions on the assignment. Homework that is turned in late will lose 10% off their final score due to its tardiness.

    We will have tests and quizzes in every subject and they will be weighted more heavily towards the student's final grade than homework assignments. Please encourage your son or daughter to work hard on homework to practice for the tests and quizzes. Students will always know about tests far enough in advance to adequately prepare for them.

    Grading scale:

    92-100             A

    90-91               A-

    88-89               B+

    82-87               B

    80-81               B-

    78-79               C+

    72-77               C

    70-71               C-

    68-69               D+

    62-67               D

    60-61               D-

    <59                  F