• Spelling words

    Spelling words

    Here you will find a list of our spelling words for the year. I use the same lists as the rest of the second grade but my grading rubric is a little different than the others. In order to save time and paper (because I have already printed many of the lists for the year) I wanted to lay out my grading rubric here as it will be different than what it says on the sheets being sent home. I'm sorry for the confusion. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me so I can further clarify. Here is the amended grading rubric:

    1 point will be given for each correctly spelled word (1-12.) 2 points will be given for each sentence (1 point for correctly spelled words and 1 point for appropriate punctuation.) 1 extra credit point will be given for each correctly spelled bonus word (13-15.) Students who correctly complete each sentence and correctly spell 1-15 on Monday (pre-test) will not have to take the test on Friday!

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