• 2nd is a time for learning and growth.  During this time there will be mistakes made (as this is, for some, their first school experience.)  Therefore, we will have many learning opportunities.  Students in my classroom will be given chances to correct behavior with helpful reminders and clear explanations as to why those behaviors were/are undesired.  I believe that students at this age need to have a clear understanding as to why things are right or wrong, and what they can do to have their needs meet in a positive manner.  Here is how my classroom behavior chart looks:
    Green -  You are good to go!  Behavior is fantastic!  If reminders are needed, you can still stay in the green so long as the behavior is corrected.  You can ALWAYS, ALWAYS move back up to green if you go down to yellow or red throughout the day.
    Yellow -  Slow down!  More than 2 reminders have been given, and behavior has not yet been corrected.  Usually parents will not be notified of students going down to yellow.  The behaviors are still not serious enough that they couldn't be addressed at school.  If you ever feel that you would like to be notified of your child going down to yellow, PLEASE be sure to let me know!
    Red - STOP!  Behavior is not acceptable for school.  Unless behavior is changed quickly the students parents will be notified and you may lose part of or all of your recess.  If the behavior has affected another student physically or emotionally, then green slips will be given and Mrs. Mac will be removing students from the classroom to further discuss the behavior and its consequences.  Again, if there is something that you feel will not meet your particular students needs within my behavioral plan, please let me know and we can always work on more ideas together.