• Mrs. Davies's Classroom Management Policies:

    1.  Be Prepared:

      ¨   Bring materials, notebooks, assignments and textbooks to class.


      2.   Be Cooperative:

      ¨   Use class time productively.

      ¨   Do what is expected of you without being asked. 

      3.   Be Attentive:

      ¨   Listen quietly while teacher or others are addressing the class.


      4.   Contribute to the Learning Environment:

      ¨   Behavior should be appropriate and not disruptive.  Voice levels should be low and considerate. 

      5.    Be Respectful:

      ¨  Respect yourself, others and the classroom materials.

    6th Grade Management Policies:

    When students are not safe, respectful learners the following consequences occur:

    ·        Warning- Students spend 10 minutes of their morning break in a silent study hall in Mr. Jacobson's classroom.  This consequence is for late homework, classroom rule infractions, and missing agenda signatures.

    ·        Students will earn a detention when a third warning is earned.  Warning detentions will be reset after the detention is served.

    ·        Detention- Students spend their entire 20 minute morning break in a silent environment in Mr. Jacobsen's classroom.  Detentions are given for minor school infractions.

    ·        Green Slip- (office referral) This is the consequence for major rule infractions.  Discipline will be decided upon and carried through by administration.

    Hellgate Middle School Management Policies:



    a Learner

    I am free from:

    • Weapons
    • Alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
    • Fighting
    • Bullying


    I follow school rules.


    I am respectful of:

    • School and personal property
    • Myself
    • Others



    I am responsible for my language, dress, attitude and actions.

    I am:

    • On time
    • Prepared
    • Honest




    I give my best effort