Routines & Policies for Kindergarten Behavior
    at Hellgate Elementary                                          

    At Hellgate Elementary, we have a set of “Teach To’s” for expected behavior. We model and practice the “Teach To’s” with our students at the beginning of the year, as well as periodically throughout the year as needed. The Teach To’s are as follows: 

    • Arrival & Departure from school                
    • Lining up                                 
    • Walking through the hallways
    • Bathroom procedures                 
    • Using playground equipment & recess behavior
    • Eating lunch                  
    • Fire drills & Lockdown drills
    • Respecting classmates and staff at Hellgate Elementary

    Each teacher has classroom rules. We also do Teach To’s for these rules. Our classroom rules are listed below.

    • Be Safe
    • Be Kind
    • Be Honest
    • Be the best you can be!

    Positive reinforcement of good behavior throughout the day is my main focus. I try to spotlight students behaving correctly so others can learn through good examples of others. Through practice and positive reinforcement, I help each student have a clear understanding of my expectations and feel safe in our classroom.

    I use a visual reminder system for off task behaviors. Through this process, the student will be warned and redirected. School should be a happy and safe place for everyone. Please take a moment to talk with your child about the “Teach To’s” they have learned the first few weeks of school, our classroom routines, and how to be kind to others.

    Thank you for your help & support.                                                    

    If you have any questions, please contact me.                                           

    Mrs. Wasem