• Homework
    Practice your spelling words. Spelling lists will be sent home every Friday.  There will be a pretest every Monday.  The post-test will be every Friday.  Students will not have to take the post-test if they pass the pretest!

    Read nightly and sign the reading log calendar which is due at the end of each month. 

    Complete any work sent home in your homework folder. Homework is due by Thursday the following week unless otherwise listed.


    Hellgate Homework Policy

    Homeworkis a constructive tool in the teaching/learning process when geared tothe needs and abilities of students. Purposeful assignments not onlyenhance student achievement, but also develop self-discipline andassociated good working habits. As an extension of the classroom,homework must be planned and organized, must be viewed as purposeful tothe students, and should be evaluated and returned to students in atimely manner.


    Teachersmay give homework to students to aid in the students educationaldevelopment. Homework should be an application or an adaptation of aclassroom experience, and should not be assigned for disciplinarypurposes

    School Board Policy #2430